How can you start a business when you don't know all the details about packaging? 

LibanPack will help enlighten your path all the way… 

Here are some of trainings and workshops will provide: 

  1. Introduction to marketing and branding 
  2. The fundamentals of packaging technology 
  3. The importance of packaging as a marketing tool
  4. Packaging and labeling regulations 
  5. Packaging for agricultural produce 
  6. Sustainable packaging 
  7. Latest technologies for printing 
  8. Packaging distribution and transportation 
  9. Package testing and quality control 
  10. Food packaging 
  11. Properties and uses of metal, glass packaging and industrial packaging 
  12. The rule of plastic and flexible packaging application 
  13. Paper and paperboard 
  14. Packaging principles and packaging materials 
  15. Legalities of packaging 
  16. Active packaging printing processes 
  17. Marketing aspect of packaging


LibanPack offers general and customized training to factories, companies  or group of persons. Therefore  we can accommodate more specific topics in the field  of  packaging and marketing. 

Contact Info

Tayyar Center, Block C, 4th floor, Office of the Association of Lebanese Industrialists, Sin el Fil, Beirut, Lebanon

Phone: +961 1 481 974

Mobile: +961 71 595 725