LibanPack is the leading resource for your packaging development. It offers wide information to its members helping them stay focused and up-to-date. More than 60 members are in LibanPack ranging from industry professionals, companies, NGO's, students and academia.
Libanpack provides access to services below market service price. (check the list of of services on the right)
LibanPack also offers its members free of charge information including:
  • Info sessions on the latest trends of packaging
  • Conferences/workshops involving interventions of specialists on aspects of concern to Lebanese industries
  • Library with books and documentation for industries and companies
  • Newsletter to present the latest world packaging developments along with the activities of the center
  • Exhibitions including current and upcoming exhibitions in the region and around the world
  • Participating in the Lebanese delegation to facilitate Lebanese industries and companies to be acquainted with export markets
  • Meetings with international experts such as, Mr. Fabrice Peltier, Head of the French National Institute of Packaging Design, who had meetings with members of LibanPack on package design
  • Networking services provided from LibanPack for members to get connected with key persons in the field of packaging and other important stakeholders in Lebanon

35 USD per year

Available for students that are enrolled in a college or university

150 USD  per year

Available for Lebanese industries, companies and individuals.

Starting from 750 USD per year 

Honorary members will be part of the board of trustees in recognition for their support

Contact Info

Tayyar Center, Block C, 4th floor, Office of the Association of Lebanese Industrialists, Sin el Fil, Beirut, Lebanon

Phone: +961 1 481 974

Mobile: +961 71 595 725