During IAPRI World Packaging Conference taking place in Bangkok, Ms. Soha Atallah had the honor to moderate an interesting session on the latest global packaging trends in the post covid19 era! The panelists were Prof Pierre Pienaar WPO President, Nerida Kelton MAIP, Henkie Wibawa both WPO Vice Presidents and Chakravarthi AVPS and Hiroko Akieda both WPO Global Ambadors!

The panelists stressed on the need to increase education and awareness on sustainability, circular economy and on avoiding food waste. They also highlighted the role of WPO in packaging education and transfer of knowledge. The panelists also discussed the main sustainable packaging trends and their activities in their respective countries namely in India, Australia, Japan and Indonesia. Moreover Chakravarthi AVPS highlighted the role of accessible packaging in the pharmaceutical industry and its role in delivering the vaccines on time during the covid pandemic period! LibanPack would like thank IAPRI team for their great and warm hospitality for the WPO delegation in Bangkok.

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