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For the seventh year, LibanPack is organizing Lebanon Student StarPack contest 2016 addressed to university students.

Lebanon Student StarPack is the first Packaging Contest in Lebanon and the region. The objective of this contest is to acknowledge and promote innovation whether visual or structural in the domain of packaging. 

During the past years more than 2500 university students have applied from many universities in Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan and Egypt

Why Participate?
1) Significant publicity and exposure among leading stakeholders including ministers, ambassadors, packaging
    industries and food industries
2) Extensive Press Coverage of the  event by newspapers, magazines and TV (names of the winners will be
3) Exposure among large packaging and food industries who may be interested in hiring the participants
4) Exclusive Internship at LibanPack for 2 months
5) Winners will automatically participate in the WPO World Star Competition 2016
6) Winners will receive awards, cash prizes or vouchers from Sponsors of the event

Who can participate?

Arab University Students currently enrolled in the following faculties:

* Graphic Design
* Product Design
* Packaging
* Industrial Engineering
* Food Engineering or Food Processing
* Other related studies

  • Entries can involve primary, secondary or tertiary packages.
  • Participants can register for more than one entry.
  • An entry is linked to one name only (Two students cannot collaborate and submit one entry).
  • However, two students can collaborate to present two entries for the same product (one student for visual and the other for the structural design of the package)

The contest is divided in 3 categories:
A-Visual section: involving completely new or improved graphics (lifting) of a product. Nationality of the student and the product should be the same. (A Lebanese student should choose a Lebanese product for example).

B-Structural section: involving innovative structural packaging (new mould/die cut) or improved features of an existing package.

C- Save The Food : This is a new category in Student StarPack Competition. Suggesting a new smart and intelligent packaging, to improve the supply of food to a growing global population and to prevent its waste and if possible the extension of shelf life 

Remark: With the exception of cigarettes and other tobacco products, the contest will accept all sorts of products such as: food, agriculture produce, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, consumer products, industrials and others .  


The judging panel will be composed of art directors of leading Lebanese advertizing agencies, structural design specialists, academics and other key persons of the Lebanese packaging industry.

It is important to point out that the judging process will take place on an anonymous basis where the students' projects will have a code and will not bear the name of the student or their respective university.

Interested students should fill the application form found on LibanPack website www.libanpack.org/StarPack

Entries should be submitted by April 30, 2016.

1-    Online Application form at LibanPack website: www.libanpack.org/StarPack
2-    A "mock-up" of the Student's project
3-    The original packaging of the selected product

Award Ceremony
The award ceremony will tentatively take place at Adnan Kassar Edifice  in Beirut in June1,  2016 under the sought for patronage of the Lebanese Ministry of Industry. The ceremony will include animation and will be run by a famous Lebanese presenter and will feature a renowned Lebanese artist or Band.

Leading professionals of the food and packaging industry, representatives private & public sector associations, non‐governmental organizations, academia, students and LibanPack members will be attending the event.

Please note that winning entries will be announced during this event.

For additional information please contact LibanPack
Telephone: 01 481974 or 79 108 062   email: info@libanpack.org      website: www.libanpack.org
Address: LibanPack, Sin el Fil, Tayyar Center 4th floor, Block C