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The following criteria will constitute the basis of the judging process:

For the visual category:
1- Originality and differentiation from the competitor in the same sector 
2- General composition
3- Appeal to consumer category targeted by product (specified in concept)
4- The use of typography to deliver a message and information about the product

For the structural category:
1- Improvement related to ease of use by consumer
2- Improvement related to ease of handling in the supply chain 
3- Improvement related to increased sustainability of package (reduce, reuse, and recycle packaging materials)
4- Appeal of structural change to consumer category targeted by product
5- Feasibility related to the ability to implement the suggested structural design.

For the save the food category:

1-The Packaging solution has shown to reduce food losses or food waste in a relevant amount
2- Appropriateness, adequacy, convenience
4- Sustainability
5- Communicates to consumers that the package is saving food or reducing food losses/ food waste